PRESS RELEASE - The 2B Collective

PRESS RELEASE - The 2B Collective

Amsterdam, October 1, 2021 - We are ready to scale up! From a proven successful game for organizations to a global collective to actively accelerate towards the sustainable world of tomorrow! With great pride we announce... The 2B Collective! In other words: the 2 billion people collective.

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Gamified Learning

Activating people through gaming in the transition to a sustainable society, that's what The 2B Collective does. It is an online tool and method that makes learning and experimenting fun, easy, and engaging for large groups. The online gamified learning platform enables employees to acquire a sustainable mindset in 6 weeks. To do this we use the power of gamified learning: challenge, competition, and time pressure. In 30 minutes per week, employees gain knowledge about a sustainable society and economy and apply this directly at home and in their job for sustainable development within the organization. Through elements such as (top) scores, ranking, and badges, participants are triggered to think and act sustainably. Fun, accessible, and effective.

Collective: winning together

Joining forces, learning together, and strengthening each other. The community is an integral part. We work with passionate partners who use a white label of our tool for their clients. Together with the end-users, we form a community. People are the greatest force for change; everyone can use their intellect and come up with solutions as to how we can do things smarter. Our ambition is great. To make a real impact and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society, we need to reach groups of people. We have big plans for The 2B Collective. Our ultimate goal (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to activate 2 billion people worldwide through our online platform to think and act sustainably before 2030. A quarter of the world's population. Let’s make a difference. 

Demo Day

From now on we will be counting down to Demo Day on Monday 8 November on LinkedIn with a fun quiz, action, poll or share every week. The day we will show the demo of our online gamification tool to those interested. For those who have already seen our tool, it has been completely updated to an even fresher and cooler design.


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