AI in Content Writing

AI in Content Writing

Nowadays we have seen a great development in AI and increased use in all professional spheres, due to all the benefits it provides. The question stands: how can we make use of these in content writing? 

One of the issues we identified with ourselves and with our partners is that content writing can be quite a time-consuming process. Writing a challenge can take more than 60 hours, including the time spent on implementing feedback. We already provide templates for writing the challenges, which simplifies the process. But we wanted to challenge ourselves by setting the ultimate goal: to speed it up and even cut the writing time of a challenge in half.

Therefore, we have been doing some research into how we can utilise AI in writing content for our games and it proves to be quite promising. The key is to provide your AI with the right prompts and assignments to generate the right content and avoid responses that are too general. Our learnings were that we need to provide at least these three aspects in a good prompt: the Task -Write a quiz question-, the Context - For a learning program about this topic, part of challenge x about ... and it is the third question-, the Persona - write as if you are a teacher/advisor/consultant-. What proved to be very useful too, is that you can specify the output format you would like, e.g. a table including these specific headings and rows. This greatly increases efficiency, as our platform follows a strict blueprint of how quiz questions and actions are laid out.

Now that we have seen how useful AI can be in game creation, the next step is to educate our partners on how to take advantage of AI when writing content. We will do this by creating a guideline on how to use AI and how to properly phrase the prompts to achieve the best results. This advancement will benefit us all by allowing to generate more content in less time and improving productivity as well as quality!



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