Licensed Partnerships

An accessible plan that grows with your business.

Simple and with plenty of room for building your proposition towards your clients.

Our subscriptions.

A fit plan for sustainability consultants, service providers and network organizations.

Gamified learning for your own organization? Contact our licensed partners.


2.500/ Year

up to 4000 users p/y

Per unique user per year
€ 7,50


12.500/ Year

4000+ users p/y

Per unique user per year
€ 5,00


27.500/ Year

6000+ users p/y

Per unique user per year
€ 2,50

One-time costs

Onboarding kick-start

Fee for launching partners: white-label platform and training for all subscriptions.

€ 9.750,-


Extra support

Need support with content creation or community management? We make a customized proposal.

Create a platform that fits your customers, not the other way around.

White-label partnership. Our tool, your design.

As a white label partner, you can use our tool for sustainable change for your clients. No technical hassle, but still your own platform. Quick to implement and easy to use for both administrators and end-users.

Onboarding program

We help you get started.


We are there for you.

Community access

We keep you up to date.

The platform for

sustainability consultantsservice providersnetwork organizationsuniversitiessustainability experts

Make a real impact on your clients by enabling all their employees to start thinking and acting within the Sustainable Development Goals framework.

These are the benefits.


  • SaaS white-label platform with endless looks and feels of your clients.
  • Content database with thousands of ready-to-use quiz questions, actions, and polls about sustainable transformation. 
  • Service & support for user management, and effective deployment of the platform. 
  • An active community where we share, develop, and keep you updated with new features and tutorials.


  • Technology. We'll get you started with the content management system.
  • Content. We teach you the intricacies of creating learning programs.
  • Organization. We help you through our process and approach to make your learning program a success.
  • Business model. We help you build a proposition and pricing model that fits your clients.

Why partners?

We cannot activate 2 billion people on our own. That's why our platform is also available to anyone who wants to join in inspiring and activating people to meet our goals for a sustainable future. Our goal is to create a community of experts and platform distributors. By using each other's knowledge we empower and activate people on a scale we have never seen before.

Winning together
By creating and sharing content, we can use each other's knowledge and workforce. So, a partner in Scandinavia can use content created by a partner from the Netherlands. This way we work together as a community. And everyone wins.

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