Licensed Partner | I Will Power

Licensed Partner | I Will Power

'Making sustainability personal, that's the key to changing behavior.' Many organizations have beautiful mission statements, want to contribute to a sustainable society, and claim to see their people as the organization's most important asset.

Unfortunately, practice shows that this often remains just a matter of fine ambitions, that the impact is limited, and that the potential of the employees remains unused. In organizations where the ambitions do succeed, it turns out that a strong personal commitment of the people to the organization and to the sustainable ambitions is crucial. It is important that employees understand and feel that they are contributing to something bigger. People get enthusiastic when making a difference in collaboration with others. 

The 2B Collective is an inspiring and effective platform to get employees to create a shared focus on a theme or ambition. I therefore see plenty of opportunities to use the tool not only for sustainability but also for vitality. For example, we are working together to stimulate the sustainable transformation of the financial sector. After all, the financial sector plays a crucial role in accelerating the sustainable transformation of society, and so we can create a lot of impact there. I also use the tool to increase the sustainable energy of people in organizations. To be able to structurally contribute to the ambitions and results of the organization, it is of vital importance that people are fit and energetic, that they have the feeling of belonging and of contributing to something together. And because that is a major challenge in many organizations, we have also developed the 2B Vittr Together program, together with Randy Rijke. This is another area of application of The 2B Collective tool with which we literally and figuratively get people moving in an inspiring way.

By collectively focusing attention and energy on a theme, we strengthen the most important capital of the organization, and we contribute to future-proof organizations and a sustainable society. And what I love most about working with the people of The 2B Collective is that we work together based on a common purpose: to make a difference together for a sustainable world! 

"The most important work today is both highly systemic and deeply personal".

Alexander de Bruin - Founder 'I Will Power'

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