Bureau 2030: learnings of their first six months as licensed partner

Bureau 2030: learnings of their first six months as licensed partner

Bureau 2030 joined our collective of partners in December 2022. We were very eager to hear about their experiences with the platform in the first six months of their partnership. Spoiler alert: they already completed their first run of the Sustainability Challenge with the employees of the municipality of Papendrecht (NL)!

But first, who are Bureau 2030 and what do they stand for?

This consultancy is working with organizations to achieve 'The New Normal', by taking action instead of talking. One of their ways to tackle this issue is by offering the Sustainability Challenge (Duurzaamheidschallenge). This challenge aims to activate both intrinsically and non-intrinsically motivated participants regarding numerous aspects of sustainability. After participating, people should be aware that the activities they do on a daily basis, have an effect on the environment. Participants are able to make small adjustments and choices that make these activities more sustainable. If large groups of people all change a little bit towards the new normal, real and impactful change will happen.

During the interview, we spoke with Rosa and Florieke, both consultants at Bureau 2030. Given the fact that all partnerships start with onboarding, this was the first topic we discussed.

The onboarding is the first step every partner takes, how did you experience this?

Rosa: “We had a one-day course with three colleagues and had follow-up sessions, which really taught us the basics of how to use the platform. We also gained access to the partner portal, where a lot of information can be found when needed.”

And what was in your opinion the most valuable aspect of this onboarding process?

Rosa: “That it is was always possible to ask questions and ask for help.”

Florieke: “Yes, I agree, via the service desk you can always contact 2B when needed, and answers are provided quickly. So, knowing that this option is available is nice. Also, the overview provided by the service desk is good and clear. I would like to add that the overall contact between Bureau 2030 and 2B has been very pleasant and easygoing, which makes it smooth.”

After the onboarding process, how did you customize the program and challenges to your personal fit?

Rosa: "Where we felt it was needed, we optimized the existing questions and actions, like shortening feedback texts in order to make them more active and to the point, which aligns with the style of our organization."

Florieke: "And of course, given the fact that the platform is white label, we added our colors and logo to really give it the look and feel of Bureau 2030."

Rosa: "We also tried to listen to our customers who wanted the actions to be more hands-on. Because sometimes actions were still highly informative and doable from behind a laptop. But we mainly included actions where it was necessary to get up and do something."

And by listening to the customer, do you mean that they could request certain actions and questions?

Rosa: "Well, yes and no. We have a set of challenges, for which we partly used the ready-to-use content from 2B. We adapted this content a little to match our style. And the last step is listening to the desires and specific needs of the client.”

Florieke: “So, yes, the client could make specific suggestions about topics they wanted to be included, and we would write the content around it. We do this because we like to give the customer the option to personalize the challenges, ensuring a good fit and making the game as effective as possible."

After the onboarding you directly had a client who was interested in the Sustainability challenge, how did you find a client so fast?

Rosa: “We had already been working with that client for 1.5 years, and they had already expressed their interest in a learning platform. Thus, once we started with the onboarding, they indicated that they wanted to participate once the challenge was finished.

So, yes, it was fortunate timing. We found 2B at the same time our client started to have the need for such a platform. It was nice because it gave us a flying start.”

What are tips you have for others?

  1. Communication

Rosa: “To ensure a high participation rate and keep participants motivated throughout the 6 challenges, good and regular communication moments are essential. It helps to schedule these upfront, together with the client, to avoid miscommunication.

We noticed that when the organization communicates enthusiastically through multiple channels, such as email, social media, and others, it really helps to maintain good spirits and motivate participants to keep playing.”

  1. Involve management

Rosa: “I think it's important to involve management and ensure their active participation. When management is visible and active on the platform, it indicates that it is important to them. If they find time to participate, it sends a signal that others can also make time."

  1. Use content that is already available

Florieke: “Writing new content is a time-consuming task. So, use the content and knowledge that is already available to your advantage. I believe that 2B has a lot of knowledge, and it would be a shame not to use it."

What is according to you the power of gamified e-learning?

Florieke: "I think with the Sustainability challenge, people can learn about sustainability in a fun and approachable way, covering different themes.

People who are not intrinsically motivated can be introduced to sustainability and gain knowledge in an entertaining manner. Participants who are already highly motivated and interested in sustainability, can apply their knowledge during the challenges and share it to inspire others.

The real power of the program is that when most people within an organization participate, they become collectively aware of sustainability. It ultimately creates a connection regarding this topic.”

Rosa: "Exactly, and this is done without making it heavy or too serious. It's made fun, which makes discussing it with colleagues easier."

What would you say to a person or client which is still hesitant about the platform or argues that it asks too much effort?

Florieke: "Something we often hear is that it consumes time to complete all six challenges. I can easily rebut this by saying, that in the long run, it will only save you time. After the challenges, all employees will be informed about sustainability and will have basic knowledge. Soon, every organization will be obliged to contribute to a sustainable world. So, if you invest 30 minutes per week, per employee now, you will stay ahead of emerging trends and save time in the long run.".

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