The Carbon Almanac: a climate conversation with Thomas

The Carbon Almanac: a climate conversation with Thomas


Welcome to the first blog entree: The Carbon Almanac a climate conversation!


The Carbon Almanac - The Game is THE online game to engage with the content of the book The Climate Almanac in a fun and active way. It's time for a conversation. The first Challenge of The Game called 'It's not too late' contains the action Climate conversation. For this assignment you have to engage in a conversation with someone about climate change. This could be your grandmother, teacher, colleague or, for example, your neighbor.

With my notebook and pen in hand, I walk out the door and ring the bell of: Thomas, my neighbor across the street.


The Neighbor


Name: Thomas

City: Utrecht

Work: Energy analyst, participates in long-term planning and future scenarios.

Age: 34 years old


It is Friday afternoon, I am warmly welcomed by my neighbor across the street. Seated at the kitchen table and with a cup of coffee in hand, we talk about some climate questions.

What does sustainability look like in your home?

Four years ago, we bought a newly constructed house, built with proper insulation. In my opinion, that is one of the most important actions you can take to reduce your climate impact. The less energy you need to heat (or cool) your home the better. We also chose to install solar panels so we can generate our own energy during the day. 

Do you talk to family and friends about climate change?

Yes, for sure. In my circle of friends, and with family too, we do not avoid this topic. My friends and I take a critical look at our behavior and we talk about what we can do better in terms of climate impact. You still see a petrol car parked in front of my house, but I'd rather drive that to breaking point before I buy a new electric car. Greenhouse gases are also released when a car is produced, not just when it is driven.

What are your climate change concerns?

Sustainable actions, strategies and products are in a larger supply every day. But the demand from consumers is still lacking. Politicians can require companies to adopt more sustainable strategies and produce responsibly, such as greener energy production. However, you can't force people to buy sustainable products.

In addition, I think the political parties, with climate change embedded in their political agenda, are faced with a difficult choice. If we vote en masse for green parties place them in the position to take decisions I think they will shift their focus. It will shift from sustainable regulations to self-preservation because they want to be re-elected and stay politically active in 4 years time. As a result, I think the important and effective decisions will not be implemented.

Wrap-up: what is your recent positive climate action?

Our climate action now is to set the thermostat to 18 degrees. This doesn't always happen yet with my family and the low temperatures outside, we're getting there though.


I wave goodbye and, with a smile on my face, walk carefully down the icy garden path back to my own home. Thanks for this climate talk!


Written by: Tessa Semey

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